Welcome to Panic Central

Um, we now have 37 RSVP’s in the affirmative.  Did I mention I’m not that great with crowds?

Looks more and more like it’s going to rain buckets.   If that happens we’ll have to ditch the tables and just plop everyone into rows of folding chairs crammed around the furniture.  What should I do with all the balloons?  Do people mind being crammed together like sardines at a party where they don’t all know each other and the age ranges are from 16 to 70+? With no booze?  Oh yeah.  This is hilarious.  Frankly, I think there WILL be a little booze, if only in the hostess and the hostess’ helper.  Thank jeebus for Corey, she is an industrial-strength organizer.  But she can’t make the house any bigger or control the weather.  Hey, internet, you want to come, too?  Why not?  The more the merrier.  🙂  HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Yep, losin’ it.



Best thing I’ve seen all week:

Isn’t this funny? Cute? Clever?  Some days I really miss being creative or at least attempting creative stuff.

Also, I wish Firefly would come back but I don’t suppose it really can.  Everyone is a lot older now.  And busy, I suppose.  And they killed off Alan Tudyk on the movie. I still miss that show. Perfect for me, combination Western and Science Fiction with basically black and white characters.  Good guys vs Bad guys.

Sigh.  Another rainy weekend.