IPv6 – Are we there yet?

Internet Addresses: An Uneven Shortage but an Inevitable One
USC Viterbi School of Engineering (02/01/11)

University of Southern California (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering researchers recently conducted an Internet census to monitor Web address usage. The researchers found that despite upcoming announcements from the Number Resource Organization and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority stating that there are no more available Web addresses in the current IPv4 protocol, that is actually not the case.

The researchers found that although some allocated address blocks, which can hold has many as 16 million addresses, are heavily used, others are barely used at all. USC professor John Heidemann says that “probably only 14 percent of addresses are visible on the public Internet.” However, the researchers note that “as full allocation happens, there will be pressure to improve utilization and eventually trade underutilized areas.”

There were 2.8 billion available Internet addresses when researchers at USC’s Information Sciences Institute (ISI) conducted their first census in 2007. The latest census, conducted by Heidemann and ISI’s Aniruddh Rao and Xue Cui, found that 3.5 billion addresses are currently allocated out of a possible 4.3 billion. The researchers measured addresses in use by sending a message ping to each possible Internet address.


So far my favorite comment on this problem has come from @gruber – He said (tweeted),  “When does the black market for IPv4 addresses start?”

News #libraryofcongress

So, you all know by now that all the tweets from the beginning of time are going to be archived in the Library of Congress, right?

Here’s a good example of one of the first tweets to be archived-

Some of these are pretty funny – http://gizmodo.com/5519196/inside-americas-secret-historical-tweet-vault/gallery/

Ben Franklin tweeting – that’s a joke, son.  Also, I love that the guy (Brian Barrett) who did this went in and made appropriate twitter-page-looking backgrounds for all the tweets he did.   The useless creativity astounds me.  And makes me laugh, so maybe it isn’t so useless.

Favorite Email of the Day

Hi, MrsMagoo (MrsMagoo).

Gov. Schwarzenegger (Schwarzenegger) is now following your updates on Twitter.

Check out Gov. Schwarzenegger’s profile here:

You may follow Gov. Schwarzenegger as well by clicking on the “follow” button.


My only question is ….  WHY?  I don’t think I follow him.  No, I know I don’t.  My guess is that he is following whomever the Secretary of State is following – and she’s following me because we were at She’s Geeky together. That could be it.

Made me laugh, though.  Twitter has turned into something way different than it was when I started lo these many moons ago.

On explaining Twitter

Michael Lopp on the Art of the Tweet

Every now and again, when pressed to talk about Twitter and why it’s not as tarded as you’ve been told, I’ll puff up my chest and say the following as though I’ve just now thought of it: I don’t mind if you tweet that you’re eating a sandwich as long as you say how it tastes.

Isn’t that brilliant? 
Am I losing it?

This was on LonelySandwich‘s (Adam Lisagor)  tumblr site.  He’s a great one to follow if you’re into eccentric like I am. 🙂

Two things today ….

Urban Word of the Day
from the Urban Dictionary:

February 2: boss sandwich

An unfortunate cubicle configuration in which you find yourself sandwiched in between two of your bosses.

I can’t even check my GMail account at work because I’m in a total boss sandwich

I’m such a sad panda at work these days. I’m totally the lunch meat in a major boss sandwich.


In the moment:

People who are on twitter ( I fit numerous categories, how about you?):