Are you really compatible?

Three questions seem to predict the answer to that on the OKCupid site:

The three questions are:

  • Do you like horror movies?
  • Have you ever traveled around another country alone?
  • Wouldn’t it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sailboat?

They’ve been able to determine that many of the successful relationships between members on OKCupid are between people who agree on most or all of the answers to these questions. While they might seem somewhat shallow at first, the answers seem to point to farther-reaching implications. Of course, it won’t be accurate for everyone, but after thinking about past relationships it’s looking pretty accurate.


Other good questions to ask yourself (make it multiple choice, you fill it in):

1) Which method describes how you handle monthly finances

2) Which method describes your cleaning and organization

3) Which answer describes continued education

4) Which answer describes your attitude toward your career

5) When should you discipline your kid

6) Which answer describes your attitude toward your family

7) What do you usually like to learn about other cultures

8) How much of your time is spent in active hobbies

9) How much of your time is spent on passive hobbies

10) Is it OK to work hard even if you don’t get the best results or are you a sucker if you don’t find a way to get more doing less

11) How risk adverse are you

12) How trustworthy are strangers

13) How trustworthy are aquaintances

14) How trustworthy are friends

15) How trustworthy are family

16) Where is the line between enjoying yourself now and planning for the future

17) How would you handle if your partner gained weight

18) How would you handle if you gained weight

19) Is there a difference between “emotional” cheating and “physical” cheating

20) Which of the following counts as inappropriate relationships for married people

21) What is more important: Tradition or innovation

22) What most dictates your moral compass

23) Which of the following would allow exceptions to question 22?

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