15 thoughts on “Dr. Oz’s 7 minute yoga workout from AARP

  1. pps says:

    I’ve just started taking a yoga class….I’m 61 years old…and this is a great routine to “aspire to” as ‘bc’ said. You may be surprised how quickly you can work up to each of these postures with a little practice,,,and then put them together in a sequence. Do only as much as you can of each one, and listen to your body so you don’t hurt yourself. Something is better than nothing. Yoga is not a competition sport — do what you can do and strive for small improvements each time. Remember Dr. Oz is in great shape and has been doing this for some time.


  2. bc says:

    Marianne, it is a flash video from AARP’s website. If you are using an apple product (iPhone, iPad) you will not be able to view this on it. There may be another version on AARP’s website.


  3. Cliff Rullman says:

    I tried using the AARP version, got several one-sided conversations but nothing I could use. I’d like to blent the AARP version into the yoga course I’m already taking if there’s anything I can use. Any ideas?


    • bc says:

      Check with AARP’s website, or Sparkpeople.com. They both have good exercises for beginners. I tried to do a yoga class that I thought was beginner, but it was beginner if you’re under 40. Torqued my hip something fierce and haven’t been able to walk straight for months. Word to the wise: if you’re older, start very slowly.
      AARP.com is a good resource for that kind of thing. Good luck!


  4. Carol says:

    These do not play on the iPad1 however, go out to YouTube.com, hit the eyeglass button and look for the Dr Oz 7 minute yoga workout and it will play from there. Just did it myself. Great workout!


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