On a completely unrelated subject

I was out picking apricots this morning and two nauseatingly overripe ones fell on me from above. One onto my head in my hair, and the other on my boob.
It’s interesting how the cots ripen at different times. There are still some fairly green ones on the tree, too. Mostly ripe now, though. Cobbler again tonight.
Can’t wait for the peaches, should be next week.

It was finally a little bit cool this morning and I’ve had the house opened up. I started smelling smoke again about an hour ago so I’ve battened down the hatches.

Off to give Lewi a bath and a shave. I’ve not shaved him myself yet, this may be interesting. Or just hard and unpleasant. As opposed to my earlier “task” which was hard and pleasant.
I’ve got it on the brain, people. Bear with me.

Update: I took a shower and the apricots came right out with scissors.
Nah, just kiddin’. Also, Lewi looks like a convict from the pound did his haircut, only with more bald spots. I’m going to have to rub sunblock on him before he goes outside. My bad.
PS: I’m looking for my camera. It’s somewhere. No before haircut pics, but maybe an after.