One more Christmas gone by the wayside

This wins as the quietest Christmas ever. We got up, just the two of us, had breakfast, lazed around, finally opened up the gifts (SCORE!!) and semi cleaned up.

Andrew came over in the afternoon and we had Christmas dinner, which turned out okay. Honeybaked ham, hard to go wrong with that and now there will be some leftovers for Bob now and hopefully Tim when he gets here Sunday night.

It was all so low key I couldn’t get over it.
Also, we did a gift exchange for the bulk of my family for whom I usually buy presents. We drew names and bought one big (I thought it was big, anyway) gift certificate to the recipient’s choice of stores, online or off.
This was certainly easy … but it was really, really boring. I missed shopping and diddling around trying to figure out what anyone might like. I didn’t know what to do with myself during the pre-Christmas rush. No rushing! Who knew I’d miss it – I bitch about it every year like it’s a bad thing, but apparently, it’s not.
So next year … count me out on the gift cert exchange. I’m buying presents for those persons I love and they damned well better buy me one, too. 🙂