On attracting attention


Yes, the insurance company is going to total it, but if they give me a little money and take out the salvage fee we can probably pull the bumper back out, replace the muffler and be good to go if one doesn’t mind a few dents and mashings in the back.  The last mechanic I paid said the engine had another 100,000 miles on it, easy.  I hate to just throw it away!  The stereo works!  The Heat/AC works! It gets 26-27 mpg!  Stand on the gas pedal and you can still pass people!


I knew I shouldn’t have bragged so much on Andrew.  It made the universe look askance at him.  He got rear-ended, hit and run, on the freeway tonight.  In my old car that he borrowed.

Andrew is fine except for being confounded that someone would do that to him.  The woman behind the rear-ender pulled over and made sure he was okay – What a peach! – but she didn’t get any better look at the car.  He at least got her name and number as a witness.  CHP said they had no units available to come look, and that he would just have to file a counter report tomorrow.

Pretty sure the insurance company will deem it Totaled.  Sounds like about $4k worth of damage on my $3K car (that I dropped a $1,000 on 6 months ago …sigh) (and just registered it early for next year … sigh).

Right now he’s on hold with my insurance company.  The car’s not drivable, so he’s sitting next to the freeway freezing to death waiting for his father (closest) to come get him OR waiting on the insurance company tow truck.  Or both.  Poor kid. 😦