iPhone ‘Sploshun

Okay, it didn’t really explode, but ….

This morning, one of my users brought their iPhone 4 into me.  She’s had it 32 days.  “The case doesn’t fit right anymore!” she exclaimed.  “The back is falling off!”

And indeed it was.  The battery had swelled up enough to push the back off for good.  It was very odd.

What was even odder was my trip into the Apple store to swap it for a new one.

I’m in tech stores and tech surroundings a lot, so I’m used to a geeky crowd.  But I swear to Jeebus that the Apple store felt like it was on another planet, populated by aliens.  The vibe was just SO STRANGE.  Whew.  Not bad, mind you, just nothing I’m used to.

Click the little pics for detail if you’re interested.

Lookie!  Dave Zatz saw this!  My hand is famous!