Cat Pee, another terrible example of Posting the Cat

Now, THERE’S a good title for a post. And actually this doesn’t have that much to do with cat pee. Well, yes it does.

Remember Bob’s vindictive cat, Cheetah? She pees on his stuff whenever he forgets to clean her catbox or fill her food bowl. It’s always been a good reminder for him to be a responsible pet owner.

In the last month Cheetah has looked weird to me AND started peeing on my stuff and she even peed on the new leather love seat twice, the stupid bitch. That took forever to get cleaned up and it still doesn’t look quite right. Smell is gone, though. Whew.

Anyway, Bob was off today and I asked him to take Cheetah to the vet because she looked even weirder than usual yesterday. Good thing he took her in. She has diabetes. Who even knew cats could get diabetes? And now we get to give her insulin shots every day. The vet says it’s easy to regulate, the bulletin boards about it suggest it is *not* that easy. Gawd. $260 to the vet for the tests and diagnosis, and now we have to give her shots and probably do the ear prick thing to test her blood every day, too. Farking cat. I should have backed over her long ago.

Oh, not really. I don’t like her that much but Bob likes her VERY much and has had her twice as long as he’s had me, so I have to respect her ranking in the family hierarchy. I will probably end up being the one who gives her the injections. Just watch. Poor Cheetah. I hope she starts feeling better soon.

Question for all you cat people out there (Lorena, Chatty) – have you ever tried to feed your cats separately? I can’t even imagine how that’s going to work for these three unique indoor cats that we service. We have enough eating issues already.

My fat 9 year old cat was adopted from the pound and had apparently starved for some time – and to this day as soon as she sees the food bowl’s been filled she goes and scarfs as much as she can in as short a time as possible. And at least half the time she barfs it back up just as quickly. In the tub, in the cat bowl, in the sink, whatever. Luckily, it’s almost always in Bob’s bathroom. Easy to hose down and disinfect. And, bonus, it’s not in MY bathroom!  And if it’s out on the rug, the big dogs will take care of it. Oh, gross! Hey, that’s not as gross as Gunnar (retarded German Shepherd) who cleans out the cat box any time he’s given the opportunity. Eww. And frankly, I’d rather have the dogs eat the barf than have me step in it in the middle of the night. How do cats know to barf where you’re going to step in the middle of the night? Do they do that on purpose? And now that I’m old, it’s much harder getting my foot up into the sink in the middle of the night. I can just see the YC headlines after a nightime barfing incident: “Woman Dies In Tragic Foot Washing Accident – Cat Barf Implicated.”