Free, Free At Last

Four day weekend starts NOW! Martinis all around!

Bob earned brownie points today – he sent Valentine’s day roses to me at the office. So he not only remembered the holiday he also remembered that I wasn’t going to be in the office tomorrow.

I like getting flowers in the office. People actually come and speak to me when they see the flowers. Granted, they mostly just poke their heads in the door and ask, “Blowjob?” but that’s better than what they usually do which is to complain about software they can’t figure out.

I takes my little comforts where’s I gets ’em.

Pretty in pink

pretty rhododendren

Click the pic to see it larger. The Rhododendrons were in bloom at the Botanical Gardens in Ft. Bragg on the coast. They were magnificent. What an awesome place that is! If you’re ever in the area (Mendocino coast) take a tour of the gardens. It’s at least an hour, and you easily could spend all day there. I’ll try to upload a batch of the pictures soon.

One more while I’m here:

Rhododendren 2

Such a nice day

Spring Has Sprung
The grass is riz;
I wonder where
The birdies is?


I’m pretty sure I blog that dumb rhyme each year. At least I’m predictable! Click the plum tree picture for more springshots.

**And now, I’m going to Pier 1. I need … something.

But first, I might have to make this. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this sort of thing.

** I bought a mirror that matches NOTHING in my house, I think I’ll put it in the front bedroom. Hey, it was clearance. Can’t resist that half off stuff. I was actually looking for a visual headboard for the bed, this is not going to cut it and I should probably take it back. Sigh. Also, I didn’t realize how dorky those bedside lamps look. The scale appears to be all wrong, at least in the pictures. Sigh


I took it back, and got some gigantic black leaves.  I like it much better now.