Seriously, this is my favorite website of the last 6 months. It’s dumb, and crude, but nearly always makes me laugh ’til my eyes water.  Hell, Yeah!

Here’s one with a nice geeky flavor. 🙂

Good news from the home front

I am so happy for Andrew!  He’s been working for this place he likes a lot, doing tech consulting, supporting the City offices.  This means his company does the desktop support for the mayor’s office and the various other offices in that little area.  It’s a good job, and he likes it and likes the people very much, but they were only paying him $13/hour.  He’s an “intern” at 30 hours/week and going to school for his IT degree.  Underpaid for sure.

He saw a job opening for another place and applied, and had to go through a bunch of fingerprinting malarky because the workplace was actually an offshoot of the state.  He thought they were not nearly as fun and nice, but they were offering $18-$23 an hour, which is a nice bump up.

Two months later after MUCH back and forthing, they offered him the job at $18.20/hour.  He decided to take it, even though he doesn’t like them quite as much.  The money was too good to pass up.  So he wrote his letter of  resignation and gave it to his current boss this morning, and she promptly offered him $20/hour to stay.  $7/hr raise, people.  And offered to take him on full time as soon as he gets his degree.  YAY!!!   She knew what she had.  Smart lady!  He’s one of those rare and talented geeks who can talk to people, not just machines, and be completely social and nice.  And who also shows up for work every single day.  And bathes regularly.  And picks things up so fast it makes your head spin.

Happy days!