Miracles Do Happen

Someone actually bought this house in this stinking economy.  Signed it away this morning.  The buyers got a helluva bargain.  But – so did we on the other end!  It all works out.  I am finally moving out of Bumfuck, Egypt, and into the Sacramento area.  20-30 minute commute during heavy traffic, about 12 minutes with no traffic.  Compare and contrast this to my commute of the last 7 years, wherein I drove an hour each way if there was NO traffic.  Gawd.  I so happy to be getting an hour plus back in my day you can’t even imagine.

We were going to downsize, but mainly the only downsizing we did was in storage.  The new garage is quite a bit smaller, so ToolMan may be having some issues.  There will be less room for junk in the house, too, which is probably a good thing as I am an avid junk collector.   We are going through stuff now, trying to sort and toss and give away.  It’s so hard!   Does a person really need 27 t-shirts?  I think so.  They are from all the fun places I’ve been, and would not remember going to were it not for the t-shirt.  I have a lot of mirrors, too.  Big ones.  I like mirrors because of the way they reflect light, but they don’t really do much good in the closet.  And they weigh a lot.  And they’re hard to pack.  But nice ones are expensive these days.  What if I don’t have enough mirrors sometime?  Wait, that’s just plain dumb.   I’ll give one of them awayand take a picture of it for memory’s sake.