Photohunt: Hats!

This week’s theme: Hats


Bob is nothing if not a good sport.  I bought us matching dollar hats for St. Patty’s Day last year and Bob modeled his.  Fortunately, I lost mine almost immediately.

PS:  sorry about the fuzzy pic, but, really, it’s rather the norm for me, isn’t it?



Hats are de rigeur at blues festivals.  Sis-in-Law Marcia, Bob, Bro-in-Law Dave.


Pat-in-the-Hat, at Swabbies watching the Beer Dawgs.    Acorns were bombing us from above, so the hats were not just eye candy 🙂 they were protection.  I was hatless and got beaned big time.

Photohunt: Aftermath

This week’s theme:  Aftermath


This is part of the 40 feet of fence that went down in the back yard during the big storm in January 08.


The dogs are wondering what’s going on.  The wheels don’t actually live there, we were trying to prop the fence up a little with them … to no avail.


The ash tree outside the kitchen window went down.  We’ve been trying to burn it this winter but it’s not dry enough yet.  It’s very, very dense.