What’s going on

1.  Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, Mateys!

The word of the day is ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

For more emphasis, you can say Great Neptune’s Nutsack!


2.  The roomba broke past its barrier and went into the bathroom yesterday.  It wadded up the throw rug and shoved it behind the door so the door closed and wouldn’t open easily.  It couldn’t get out.  Apparently that made it angry.   It went over to the basket of magazines and grabbed the hanging-down edge of the Rolling Stone (a three-page foldout cover) that had flopped over the side.  It ripped the cover off, took it over by the door and munched it to pieces.  And died.

Only temporary, though.  It chewed until its battery died.  Little fucker.


3.  We have, as you may know,  a big retarded German Shepherd named Gunner.  He sleeps in a gigantic cage at the end of the bed, because we just don’t really trust him to know the right thing to do. He is perfectly nice, and is generally well-behaved, but he has cat fantasies, and garbage fantasies.  It’s just easier to lock him up at night and he likes it, anyway.

Cheetah, Bob’s hideous little diabetic cat, also likes the cage.  She sleeps in it whenever it’s devoid of dogs.

Cheetah pretending she's a caged animal


So, last week, Andrew was here.  He stays up late.  The dogs stay with him because he’s the main reason they live, apparently.

I got up at about 3 a.m.  and saw Goober/Gunnar in the hall, so I took him in the dark and put him in the cage.  He went in willingly, and I locked it up and went to bed.

Cheetah must have gotten hungry about 5:30, she started clawing the end of the bed, making a racket.  Bob finally had to get up and see what it was … and of course it was Goober and Cheetah in the cage together.  Goob was sitting up, pushed to the back and Cheetah walked to the cage door when Bob got up, none the worse for the wear.  She was just hungry, went straight in to the food bowl.  It’s that diabetic thing.   I guess this means Goob passes the kitty safety test, but Cheetah is the toughest cat alive so I’m not sure it’s a fair test.

Bob went to put Goob to bed last night and Goob went in front of Bob and opened the cage and walked in … over Cheetah, who walked out.  Guess they didn’t want to bunk together again.


4.  I think this might be my new avatar, everywhere.

And How Was Your Day?

1. It rained and got cool here today. Thunder and big lightning on the way home! I had to actually close the windows AND put on sweats this evening. HALLELUJAH! I love sweats.
On a slightly less positive note, apparently neither big dog is smart enough to come in out of the rain. They were both soaked to the bone and required some serious towel time to gain entrance to the inside of the house.

2. Wolfgang’s Vault had a concert with Mahavishnu Orchestra from 1973 in their e-mail update today. It’s awesome and Wolfgang’s Vault has a nice interface for listening to these jewels. I LOVE how timeless music has become — or has it always been like that? The medium is magic now.

3. Coolest sentence of the day: “She heard a note being slipped under her hotel door and she experienced the universal mammalian atavistic fear response to nest invasion.”
Hell, I thought it was just me.

That sentence was from William Gibson’s latest book, Spook Country (and I probably misquoted because I’m listening to it, not reading it). I finished it today, and it was extraordinary. As always. I suppose I’ll have to listen to it again right away. His descriptions awe me and rock my world.

4. AAAARRR, Matey! I only got to exchange Piratese with one person at work today. Scurvy Wench beat me to the punch, too. The rest of the day I totally forgot about it in my quest to make the database drop trou for me.

5. Biggest Boner Award (and I don’t mean boner in a good way) Of The Week:
We had to change our door locks today at work and get new keys for everyone.
It seems that our alarm company had a big bag of keys with all their customer addresses and passwords in a company truck. The bag got stolen. Oh, my. Somebody’s gonna get their ass chewed for that. Whew!