How Do You Shape Your Life?

Every now and again Az comes up with these quizzes and I’m compelled to take them.  I like them when they seem to match what I think about myself. It’s validating.  Or something.   I am extremely wishywashy this morning, can you tell?  No coffee yet.

.How Do You Shape Your Life?

You Are Flexible

You crave self-sufficiency and independence. You’re ready to break out on your own.

You working on sharing with and listening to those closest to you. Your relationships are undergoing rejuvenation.

Your past has motivated you to work as hard as you can right now. You are staying focused.

The key to improving your life right now is consistency. You need to get into a routine.

How’s YOUR holiday going? (warning, dumb quiz to follow)

Thanks, Az, for sharing this.

You Are Blissfully Content

During the holidays, you have a lot to be thankful for. And even if you are having a hard time, you do your best to express gratitude.
You are a glass half full type of person. You try to see life as a gift.

You believe that it’s important to stay positive and peaceful. Not just for your own mental health, but for also for the mental health of those around you.
The gift of optimism is the best thing you could possibly give. And you give it well.