Goob and the Bee

Winter set back in today, rained last night, and it got cold. Apparently the plants and bees haven’t noticed.
The wisteria on the patio cover is coming on full bore, and when you stand underneath, the whole structure fairly hums with bees.
(click for a little larger view)

Our big lovely German Shepherd, Gunnar, a.k.a. Goober/Goob, was out under the wisteria today and a bee dropped down in front of him. He ate it. Yelped around, found another one, and did it again. Poor Goob is the very definition of brainless. Sweet, but unutterably dumb.
The arrows point to his tongue coming out in anticipation and the bee, about not to be. (click for a larger view)

This is my favorite (for the moment) orchid blooming again. You can’t even see the second spray in this picture. I hope I get one before the blooms all fall off. Also, can you see my pizza clock? It’s pretty funny. What time is it? It’s Pizza Time! This is the only clock I’ve ever owned that I cared enough about to even have an opinion on.

Lewi guest stars in the background.

Goob loves getting brushed. Lewi wonders why.

Every time I see this I hear the sheep in “Babe” crying, “Wooooolves, Wooooolves!”

Spring has sprung,

… the grass is riz.
I wonder where the birdies is?

I post that poem every spring,  generally along with references to the ornamental pear trees in the front yard that smell, when they bloom,  exactly like cum.    Now you have to look at the Picasa web album pictures for the pear trees (link below).

Here’s a little tree across the street, almond, I think.  I had to walk over and get pictures after I got back from the gym this morning.  They all looked so pretty, and it’s been raining for so long!  It’s almost sunny today!

Click here to see more trees.  Plus, a feral kitten.


Such a nice day

Spring Has Sprung
The grass is riz;
I wonder where
The birdies is?


I’m pretty sure I blog that dumb rhyme each year. At least I’m predictable! Click the plum tree picture for more springshots.

**And now, I’m going to Pier 1. I need … something.

But first, I might have to make this. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this sort of thing.

** I bought a mirror that matches NOTHING in my house, I think I’ll put it in the front bedroom. Hey, it was clearance. Can’t resist that half off stuff. I was actually looking for a visual headboard for the bed, this is not going to cut it and I should probably take it back. Sigh. Also, I didn’t realize how dorky those bedside lamps look. The scale appears to be all wrong, at least in the pictures. Sigh


I took it back, and got some gigantic black leaves.  I like it much better now.