Go Novell! (Who?)

Trust Linux!
ICT Results (11/20/09)

A consortium of 23 research and business partners, working on the European OpenTC project, have developed open source software and applications for trusted computing (TC) environments using openSUSE, a commercially available version of the Linux operating system.

Building TC support in openSUSE involved compiling a trusted software stack for Linux, developing universal virtualization layers, and creating TC and trusted platform module management software. The developers say the accomplishment represents a breakthrough in TC technology as openSUSE is now the first operating system to offer full TC support.

The OpenTC platform continually monitors the computer for changes, ensuring that only trusted, verified software is running.

“Until now, TC had been implemented for specific applications, such as Microsoft’s BitLocker hard drive encryption in Windows Vista and Windows 7, or the fingerprint reader on some HP laptops,” says OpenTC project manager Herbert Petautschnig. “With the OpenTC platform, we are extending the TC environment to the full operating system and beyond.”


I wonder if this actually pertains to the US versions of SUSE yet? That would be cool. I used to love Novell, had my network certification in it.  I think their enterprise server versions use the TPM technologies, not quite the same thing.