August 24: Guitarthritis

The medical condition causing pain in the wrists after playing guitar hero for an extended amount of time.

“Man, I need to set this axe down.  My wrists hurt from my guitarthritis.”

My nephew the Guitar Hero God probably has carpal tunnel from playing it so much. But I’ll bet he says it’s from being on the computer so much.  Homework!



The word for June 12 is Word Vomit

A point in a conversation where you say something that you really didn’t mean to.

I told Robin that I saw Mike with some girl at the movie theater last night. It just came out of my mouth like Word Vomit.

Check out the new Mo’ Urban Dictionary, shipping today from Amazon. The book includes:

  • multislacking: doing multiple slackeresque things concurrently
  • workahol: what workaholics are addicted to
  • foreploy: misrepresenting yourself on a date in hopes of getting lucky

Sign of the times

Urban Word of the Day

March 18, 2008: jingle mail


Jingle mail is the package containing the keys to your house that you send back to the bank when the interest rate on your adjustable-rate or IO/neg-am mortgage resets, or the property tax bill gets reassessed at double what it was two years ago, or you find out that heating and AC and repairs cost a ton of freaking money, or you lose your job because of the recession that’s coming with the housing crash, and you can’t make the payments any more.

My neighbor put up the Escalade and the Beemer that he bought with his third HELOC for sale, and has been having garage sales every week for the last month to raise cash … I give it about 90 days till he sends in the jingle mail.