Urban Word of the Day

April 02, 2008: manorexia


The male version of [anorexia nervosa], or any general wasting away of the body in men. This eating disorder is commonly seen in starlets but is now affecting men, where they take on the wasted appearance of starving children in third world countries.

This is more often a drug-related issue in men, than the self-esteem issue it manifests as in women.

J.Lo’s man Marc Antony has totally got manorexia. The guy looks like Skeletor.


And here’s one I forgot to post from a couple of days ago:

Urban Word of the Day

March 29, 2008: acoustic shave


the act of shaving with razor; not an electric shave

“Hey man, do you use Norelco?”

“No way, I shave acoustic!”


Urban Word of the Day

Urban Word of the Day

March 27, 2008: twitterpated


1)to be completely enamored with someone/something.
2) the flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about/see the object of your affection.
3) romantically excited (i.e.: aroused)
4) the ever increasing acceleration of heartbeat and body temperature as a result of being engulfed amidst the exhilaration and joy of being/having a romantic entity in someone’s life.

When he smiled at her, the rush of warm, fuzzy, excited sensations that filled her made her realize she was completely twitterpated with this man.