Urban Word of the Day

August 14:  pisshap

A mishap generally involving the mass consumption of alcohol and a misdirection of urine to an area other than the toilet. This usually occurs as the result of an alcoholic stupor.

Can also apply to any other misadventure in some way linked to piss.

Man, Mark was so wasted at his birthday party last weekend that he woke up in the middle of the night and peed all over his computer. It was quite the pisshap.


Hay, Fambly:  Anybody think of Don when they read this?  Where were we?  Was it Kathy’s?  I seem to remember a vanity and Don in the middle of the night.

Also:  when one ages, one may be more likely to have a pisshap when NOT drunk.  Maybe not as dramatically, but …


Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary

May 30: Neighbornet

What you get when you connect to your neighbor’s wireless (or wired, for that matter) internet, with or without his or her knowledge.


I always recommend using neighbornet if you a) can’t afford broadband and your neighbors are b) too stupid to lock down their modem/router.


May 8:  wwjkd

What Would James Kirk Do?
When stuck in a life-threatening, impossible situation with no realistic plausible means of escape, only a plan thought up by James “Jim” Kirk would work.

Person 1: OK, were stuck in an underground cavern on a distant planet with no access to the surface.

Person 2: We need a plan. WWJKD?

Urban Dictionary


March 29: lesbro

1. A man who has more friendships with lesbians than other women or men. ant. fag hag
2. A man who befriends lesbians with the intent to seduce them.

I have a friend who’s always been a bit of a fag hag but I’ve never known a lesbro.  Good word, though, eh?

Two things today ….

Urban Word of the Day
from the Urban Dictionary:

February 2: boss sandwich

An unfortunate cubicle configuration in which you find yourself sandwiched in between two of your bosses.

I can’t even check my GMail account at work because I’m in a total boss sandwich

I’m such a sad panda at work these days. I’m totally the lunch meat in a major boss sandwich.


In the moment:

People who are on twitter ( I fit numerous categories, how about you?):



January 26: default potential

A self-portrait or a picture with you in it that has the potential to be your default image on myspace/facebook etc.

This picture is so good, TOTAL default potential!



Made me laugh, I am always searching for pics with good default potential.  The worst of it is, after I come up with one, I’m happy for a month or two, and then want to change it. Never satisfied for long, that’s me.  Maybe I should come up with some sort of drawing or symbol that I can live with.

Right.  Been there, done that, same thing happens.