Will it work if you cut somebody’s finger off?

Why Veins Could Replace Fingerprints and Retinas as Most Secure Form of ID
Times Online (UK) (11/11/08) Harvey, Mike

Finger vein authentication is starting to gain traction in Europe. Easydentic Group in France says it will use finger vein security for door access systems in the United Kingdom and other European markets.

The advanced biometric system, which verifies identities based on the unique patterns of veins inside the finger, has been widely introduced by Japanese banks in thousands of cash machines over the last two years. Hitachi developed the technology, which captures the pattern of blood vessels by transmitting near-infrared light at different angles through the finger, and then turns it into a digital code to match it against preregistered profiles.

Veins are difficult to forge and impossible to manipulate because they are inside the body, according to Hitachi. The company also says finger vein technology is more affordable than iris scanning or face/voice recognition and has a lower false rejection rate than fingerprinting. Finger vein authentication is primarily used in Japan for ATMs, door access systems, and computer log-in systems.